A Little About Me

I'm Kala.. Yes there's no Y in my name. Mom says it's because she didn't want me to have a hard time writing it in kindergarten.. Silly I know but that's Mom. I grew up in the small town of Nokomis as the youngest of 3 other siblings Shane, Michael and Mindy. The song American Honey relates most to my life... "She grew up on the side of the road, where the church bells ring and strong love grows, she grew up good, she grew up slow, like American Honey" I am going to be sharing my stories of the past present and what I hope to accomplish in my future. I am a very genuine girl and pray and hope my life in the future brings me happiness and joy and still be the genuine person I am... Life Is Short Lets Make The Best Of It!!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

~!!!!!!I'm Engaged!!!!!!~

This may be the most exciting post that I have ever talked about!

As you can see the title! Ha!

Shane has always been the romantic type he has always done little things for me like do all the laundry fold it and put it away and then say "surprise you don't have to do it"

One time when I was gone on a work trip and the bedroom floor needed redone and I came home and it was completed and he's like Surprise! It often happens when I am away for work I come home and he's done something to surprise me. Even the little things…

October 12th we were going out to dinner with our friends Heather and Kyle because the week after was their wedding but we were going to be in New Orleans (work for me and vaca for Shane) so he says the week before the 12th "why don't we take Kyle and Heather to dinner since we won't be here for their wedding" I agree as I LOVE going to dinner! =]]

The day came I was giving Heather a pedicure that morning and then we stopped at a couple antique shops and then we arrived back home. I was SO tired as the night before I didn't sleep well. Shane says "I'm gonna sweep out the truck because we will just take that tonight" (we always take my car)
As I said thats fine I'm going to take a nap. I fell asleep for 2 hours on the couch (rarely happens)

I wake up and Shanes still cleaning the truck. He also cleaned the bathroom did the floors and did some laundry. Im like are you okay he says yup just didn't have anything else to do. Lol (clue two)

So then I say "Where is Cody and Dalton", "Fishing with Mac" Shane replies (Odd, Cody NEVER leaves without Shane) I say oooh so its just us going to dinner double date!

I text Heather… "What are you wearing I'm kind of tired I may just wear a hoodie" She says "thats fine I was planning on doing that too since we were gonna go to the hayride after" We had plans to go to a bonfire after we went out to eat so Hoodies were acceptable to wear! LOL!

Shane says "Kyle and Heather will be here at 5 45" I'm like "okay I'm ready now so whenever" this is like 5pm! Shane says "Well they won't be here till then they had to get something"

As it started getting closer to time I started to feel nervous, like nothing I ever felt before!

They pulled up.. We climb in the truck I say "Kyle you can sit up front" he's like "no thats okay" (Odd the guys usually ALWAYS ride upfront together and girls in back)

So were heading down to where were going to dinner and shane says "here, (hands me a blind fold) you have to put this on I've been doing some work down at the ranch and want you to see it but you'll see it from the road" Im like "okay!?!" Honestly I was thinking he was doing a little surprise thing again and he had put up a fence, we talked about fencing shortly before.
So I put the blindfold on and mind you were in the country and in a large truck… I felt a little nauseous not being able to see. I felt us turn into the driveway and then we kept going… I was like hmmm But still SWEAR I thought NOTHING of it…

Heather and Kyle get out. I didn't know being blindfolded said, "heather whats going on?" no answer because she was out of the truck LOL
Shane tells me from out of the truck open the door.
He helps me out of the truck.
Says "Okay, take your blindfold off"
I said "I can't get it"
He said "just pull it off" (I then knew he was below me)

As I took it off.. I see him there on one knee next to our pond with 60 of our family members, and friends letting out screeches of excitement!

I WAS SHOCKED!!! 1. NO ONE GAVE ME ANY CLUES 2. EVERYONE WAS THERE! (A few couldn't make it but called right away)

The ring was BEAUTIFUL

He stands up… (Forgot my middle name) and says "Kala Lin will you do me the honor of spending the rest of your life with me?"

We had Food, Cake, Drinks, Fire, Family, Friends and the BEST WEATHER! It truly was the best day of my life!!!!

Enjoy the pictures!!
Thanks for reading!
God Bless~~ PS Were set for October of next year~

Fall and all its activities!

I usually just write blogs for my own personal diary in a sense and don't mind that others can read it… But most of you may or may not know. Shane is a lot older than me and with his last marriage he was blessed with children in his life that biologically may not be his but are more his than blood can change.
His daughter Tiffany has a son, Cody! Who we just love! We tend to have Cody a lot and spend time with him. My goal is for him to grow up and always remember the fun things Papa and Kia were able to do with him! =] So what is more fun than FALL?~

Pumpkin Picking
Kettle Corn
Hay Rides
Wiener Roasts
Caramel Apples

These are just a few of the fun things that you can do! I said "lets take Cody to The Great Pumpkin Patch"

Such a fun place to go for kids! If you live in Illinois it's a great place to go!

We had SO much fun… Corn Maze, Hay Ride, even Pumpkin Ice Cream! Cody's face lit up when he saw the patch of the pumpkins. There were so many he couldn't count them all but he wanted to pick the biggest one. Of course what kid wouldn't want the biggest Pumpkin they could find? Ha!

Cody loves to help Kia in any way he can. He decided to pull our wagon the entire day… Even with a good 20 lbs of pumpkins in it he still tried. He was successful for a while then says "Kia my arms tired" After a long day we tried Pumpkin Chowder, Pumpkin Ice Cream, Pumpkin Rolls, and Pumpkin Pancakes! Pretty impressive as a child I don't think I ate anything that wasn't chicken! He tried MOST of them. The Pumpkin chowder he didn't want any part of but it was fantastic!
Hope you enjoy the pics of our day!

As always, thanks for reading!
God Bless!

Home town cares for Willow

If you are like me and live in a small town when people are in need you help out right?
Well I am one of those people who are compelled to help in any way possible in a tragedy. Its just second nature to me and something I do expecting nothing in return. RAK's right!?

A friend of mine lives in a small down outside Effingham IL, Watson. This town was shook up one Sunday afternoon.
After seeing some of her Facebook posts I picked up the phone to call her and see "whats going on"

A 7 year old little girl by the name of Willow had reportedly walked away from her home in her night shirt no shoes and left her glasses behind.

The small town of Watson really wasn't big enough for her to walk that far without others noticing. So a search was formed.

Citizens of Watson, family, friends and people from surrounding towns started walking the bean fields and corn fields. As it grew and grew the search became harder and the temperature got hotter.
They had up to 3,000 volunteers in a town of 300 people. Amazing how others can come together knowing her or not knowing her just to try and help find this innocent sweet little girl.

1 hour turned into 10 hours and 10 hours turned in to 20 hours. Still nothing! No clues, no signs. People on horses, atvs, cars, trucks by foot all continuously searched for Willow.

As supplies grew thin a lightbulb went of in my head about 50 miles away from Watson I sat at my desk at work and said.. "What can I do?"

We all know social media is the thing to use when you want people to see whats going on right… Well thats what I went to an hour and 1/2 before I was done with the work day I posted "I am going to take any supplies and monitory donations to the search and rescue groups that are looking for Willow. They need items such as water, bug spray, sun screen, energy bars, towels, and first aid supplies. I will be leaving town at 5:30 PM!

In one hour I got 12 cases of Water, 2 cases of Sunscreen, 1 case of bug spray, lots of energy snacks, towels and over 150$ just from random people that said "I too want to help"

This made my heart smile and as I was driving into the town of Watson a slight anxiety came over me as I saw people loading out of busses and walking and on horses and 4-wheelers. Just amazing. As I went to the citizen center where they were holding supplies I heard a exhausted voice that said "ahhh water" that was totally worth it as I looked over and they just looked exhausted hot and tired. But they were helping! Unloading the SUV with all the stuff there were news cameras just overwhelmed then when they found out I drove as far as I did to just make sure there was supplies they were stunned.

Small towns care! Thats why I love mine!

Here is a picture that was taken of everything just an hour and 1/2's time came up with for a complete stranger but from all the people that cared about one thing…. The safety of Willow!

Thanks for reading
And God Bless!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Best Friends Wedding….

We're back in August of this year…
Slacking once again! And again apologize for grammatical errors. :-)

What is more exciting than going to a wedding?
Being in one!

I was in my first! I have to say it was fun, nerve-wracking, enjoyable, emotional, tearful and beautiful!

I was in it as a bridesmaid and singer. SINGER-- NERVE-WRACKING!
I am definitely not a perfect singer nor am I close to it but when one of my child hood friends asked me to sing in the biggest day of her life I had no option other than "YES" I will do it.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, in fact I really liked it! After the opening note I was confident in knowing I could do it and thats what I kept doing! Did I mention I was on antibiotics for Strep Throat? Bleh! But hey, I pulled through it and was confident in the rest of the song.

Lets back up….. When you grow up with someone who knows everything about you. Your flaws your perks your dark times and your light times. That person holds a close spot in your heart and you will do anything for them in their special day, thats just a given!

Sarah and I grew up together from age 9 and up! We were inseparable during the summers before our 16th birthdays and even after she even let me be the 3rd wheel in her first serious relationship. She was as sporty type of gal as I was more of a fan on the side lines. I didn't miss to many of her games tho! Like a soul sister they call them. Sarah was mine! High school passed and college began we still managed to remain VERY close! Sarah was the book smart and I was the common sense smart. She often tended to say some very funny yet silly things but she was always the one I went to for Math! This is why she is a Physical Therapist now! Amazing right?

When Sarah met her fella, she was an all new Sarah. Happy, upbeat, positive and definitely glowing. It was no surprise that they would get married but I remember before he asked the question I was giving Sarah a manicure the conversation of "when do you think it will happen" got brought up! Of course we were once again like Jr High girls very excited and giddy during the conversation there was no doubt in Sarah's mind that he would ask. AND SOON!

Getting the call of the announcement for me was SO exciting! I couldn't have been more excited than her but I sure felt like it! I was screaming and crying all in the same 10 minute phone call!

This meant a wedding!

Fast Forward!

The day of the wedding! As a bridesmaid your duty is to make sure the bride is stress free and has everything under control. You make sure her eyes look sparkly, her dress fit and look perfect, her hair lay perfectly in place and she takes deep breaths before she sees her groom!

As the vows were said and songs were sung my best friend grew by one~
Her groom is welcomed into my life and friendship circle and I could not be more happy for the two of them!

Congratulations to you both! Love you

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Does your Mirror show a reflection with nothing but perfection?

I often look in Mirrors
I take a glance at my Reflection
Knowing im not perfect
I still believe no one is perfection.

Think about that short little rhyming phrase. Looking in the mirror not only shows what your makeup looks like, or what sort of shape of face you have, but it shows you who you are.
Inside YOU are the only person who truly knows who YOU are!
I see so many people who brag about this or that... Does that make you better than me?
In Gods eyes, were all equal! Isn't that how we are supposed to be.
I hear almost day in and day out why so and so's car is better than others. How this person is better than that person. Sure there are some good and bad in both of those instances. Im not saying that a 1994 Sunfire isn't better than a 2013 Camero. Sure, we know what one is "better" but does that make a person who they ARE? Does that mirror shine in gold and show perfect hair and teeth? No one is perfection!

In my eyes. We Eat, Sleep and Potty the same way, some more than others sure (HA!) but it's still a fact.

Take a moment to look in YOUR Mirror!
Know that you are not perfect!

Judgement is not something you can control but it is something you can eliminate in your future discoveries. Pass this along in ways of acting upon it.

I will love someone who has 1 dollar just as much as I will love someone who has 1 Million dollars if they are kind and respectful to me and what matters in my life.

God Bless

The 2013 RAK Check-In's

1. Buy someones groceries.--- Check
2. Send someone in need some flowers.--- Check
3. Get a stranger a birthday gift. --- Check
4. Write a letter to Ellen about Ellen!
5. Get my mom a "Pamper Mom" day... Not just for Mothers day or Birthday! --- Check
6. Buy someones Gas. --- Check
7. Donate my time at a charity event/drive. --- Check
8. Give a child with cancer a present. --- Check
9. Help at an animal shelter.
10. Pay someones phone bill. (Not My Own)

Remember this list I posted in January of 2013? 'Member you Member!' 

I have done all but 3... 
Now I did buy someone a phone and phone case.
I did save 2 dogs that ran away from home. I am attending a 5k walk with your pooches next Saturday.
And I still have no idea what I can tell Ellen what she doesn't already know!
Kind-Hearted, Giving, Funny, Caring so on and on and on! 

But in turn.. 
I was able to get myself a NEW 2013 Hyundai without a Co-Signer!! =] 
Pay off a few small charge card loans!
I am happily blessed with everything in my life. I am Happy, Healthy and enjoying every minute of my being! 

I strive each day to be positive and turn someones frown upside down. Or heck, just make someone smile again during the day. Laugh a little louder and Shine a little brighter! 

I just wanted to give a update on my 2013 RAK's 
3 to go! Wish me luck! 

God Bless,

I'm Here For You

Being that person to go-to. Being that person who "i'll take care of it". Being that person who is "Always there"
Sometimes we take these things for granted. Yes once again I am playing catch up on life on this journal of a blog. Since "Its baseball season" I have continued with my random acts of kindness RAK's and have to say I feel/hope that my Life is going to the most positive direction it can.
I do good for others because it makes me feel good, yet makes someone smile.
I am that person who tries to carry a friends weight when that said person cries on my shoulder. Through the ups and downs of life we have these people that we go to.
What happens when we loose them?
Not in a matter of death and a grave. This is more of a living death.
That one single person who wasn't a girls Mom or a girls Boyfriend. This is someone who is close. You can share your most darkest secrets with. I tell you when you have one person you can call at any hour of the day with any problem in the world and they make you feel better with one single sentence, "I'm here for you" thats love in any way you want to look at it.
What happens when that sentence disappears?
What happens when that shoulder isn't a tear holder?
What happens when that Go-To is now Gone?
This is all summed up in one word, disappointing! Its hard to say yet easy to prove that life often changes, therefore making people change as well. This is not something that is a mystery. This is not something that is new to everyone. We simply know that life is a swinging door and you never know what is going to come through it or walk out it.
(I often imagine myself in a log cabin on a beach writing in an old book with faded pages in hopes that someday my stories are for everyone to see, like in a movie! This is my random thought to myself while typing this.)
I think of the person that went out my swinging door. I hope that one day it will be a revolving door and that person comes right back around. But life and fate has different plans than what our head is thinking and no matter what pain our hearts have.
I think of my story and of a old man, late 80's who had to say good bye to his wife of 65 years, his Go-To his Shoulder, His "I'm here for you" and how empty he is in life until the day when his wife greets him to say "I'm here for you".....

My friends, find your shoulder let them go and find your forever shoulder! =]

Love to you all!


Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Baseball Season

Spring has sprung!
Snow is gone!

It was opening weekend here in Cardinal Nation! But boy was it cold! But an evening with my Fella and My 'other' brother and sister were not gonna stop me from missing some 'cold beer, peanuts here'

Looking forward to my weekend off and extra Friday I couldn't have been more excited to put on my pink jersey try oysters drink some beer and spend the evening with a few of my favorite ppl. Starting the day off, a little later than usual due to an hour of much needed sleeping in, we all like that. To getting ready and heading to the city at 11am.

First stop, shopping!! I'm not much of a country gal but the great outdoors shopping center 'Cabelas' was kind to me and had the cutest green sweatshirt just calling my name, while Shane was gathering his hunting mind and focusing on the Turkey vests! LOL... It was a win win!

Off to the hotel we go! Some cold Platinums as we would rather have not spent 10$ for a bottle of beer the entire evening and decided to hang with the other couple for some R&R before the big night! Hair, check! Makeup, check! And outfit, check!

Oysters!? Yuck?! Ooh wait....
The Broadway Oyster Bar, a small shack with the small stench of sewer surprisingly was a great place to try Oysters for the first time! Put a little cocktail sauce on them puppies and they go down like a glob of snot! Okay, not really! But they do have an 'odd' texture! Beers Down off to watch some baseball!!

Settling into our seats and the wind isn't too awful a blanket and some peanuts will make you forget it was 38° as the Cardinals were honoring Stan 'The Man' Musial by handing out car decals and Stan's classical Harmonica! During the 6th inning we were all invited to play 'Take me out to the Ball Game' in honor of Stan! It really makes you see how one person can put such an impact on so many!!

They say your always famous when your gone, but the Cardinal stadium made you feel as if he was still there! With a Yadi home run making the score 2-0 we were happy at the end of the night to know Cardinal Nation had yet another win!

It's Baseball season! When are you up to bat?

Thanks for reading,
God Bless
Be Kind To One Another

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Take a Moment!

When you were in Elementary school did you have the lesson on thunder cake and learned about the miles away a storm was from you by the lightening and thunder.

You know sometimes we all need to relive our childhood. Wether it's dressing up with kids on Halloween, actually getting excited when a Disney movie is coming on or going to the theatre. It's time for all of us to once in a while get away from reality and 'think like a kid.'

You can't deny that you never went to your mom/dad aunt/uncle gma/gpa to have her kiss your boo boo or hold you during a lightening storm.

We often are too wrapped up in our high speed society that we forget what it's like to be excited over the smallest possible things..

I got the inspiration of this blog as I'm sitting away from the window but in the middle of the room watching a good ole fashioned lightening storm as the thunder starts to come in all I could think of was making Thunder Cake in my 2nd grade class and thinking... I have no phone, no TV, no tweets or pics to post, I simply am sitting here enjoying the little things!

So I ask you take 5 minutes to yourself to relive a favorite memory or childhood moment in your head don't pick up your phone don't worry about replying to your last tweet or liking the last comment someone posted or text the person back about what your doing & just relax! Relive! and lastly Enjoy!!

Back to the storm I go!

God Bless
Be Kind To One Another!

Sometimes we need a "Pick-ME-Up"

You know those times when you work so hard for something and it falls through and you just want to crawl in a whole because you think you have failed?

Well sure we have all been there. So what makes us feel better when Chocolate, and Ice Cream just makes us fatter?


My Sister is someone who would literally take a bullet for me, or she would put a bullet in someone for me! She's a natural Bourn Bad-Ass ;)

As we were growing up sure we fought a lot and basically hated each other in the same house. As we got older we became close as sisters should be. She is the most protective of me out of my entire family. She has a great judge of character from Friends to Boyfriends, that girl had it down.

In our past we have had some pretty major fights just because were so alike yet so different, the kind of fights where you leave crying from screaming and not talking for days. Yup, thats us!

But seeing my Sister be the person she is I really couldn't take seeing her down. So for my kindness list scratch off. Sending someone in need flowers.

She just works so hard and was really striving for something she felt that she was born to do it. Well, she got turned down! :( It's disappointing and sad but as the pretty cool little sister I am. Sure enough, I sent her the brightest most happy mason jar filled bouquet of flowers.

As she called and told me thank you I could hear the cracking in her voice. Of course she tried to be strong and hide it because she is so tough, but that was her moment to be weak.

This was an amazing feeling to me that she really enjoyed being recognized for her work and for me to be an appreciative sister as I really would do anything for her! =]

Don't forget rain or shine, boy or girl, day or night, we all need a pick-me-up sometimes!

Thanks for reading!
As always God Bless and Be Kind To One Another!

Your Birthday is your own Holiday!

I must say I don't know what Happened before social media but, I have never had about 200 Birthday wishes! Crazy! Awesome but holy cow!!!

I will leave the mystery of my age up to you all! All of my 3 readers HA! Those on Facebook who know me I'm sure are thinking "Why is your age a mystery"... but anyways...

Birthday's... You either LOVE them or you HATE them.. Now with mine I like to think of it as my own holiday. You don't share it with a whole lot of people but those one's you do its just an extra added bond!

For my 24th birthday this year we went to my all time favorite restaurant!
Japanese Hibachi Grill OSAKA'S!

The whole atmosphere is just fun and amazing.

All 14 of my friends and some family were able to join me for a night out of fun!

Since I was a little girl I loved that I shared my birthday with Emma Bunton or as we know her by "Baby Spice" funny as I type this "Wanna Be" by The Spice Girls is on my Pandora. *Backstreet Boys station* :)

Ever since then I just live each moment up on my birthday to celebrate that yet again I am here yet another year! That's a blessing in its self.

So not only did we all enjoy a night out for dinner and friends the fella spoils me ALL the time!

Shane got me a beautiful flower bouquet and a pair of diamond ear rings (Which I have wanted for YEARS) that I wear everyday! =]

What is your favorite birthday celebration/tradition to do?

Thanks for reading!
God Bless and Be Kind To One Another

Playing KKatch-up on KKindnes

So... In the month of February and March for the acts of kindness.. I did a numerous amounts of them.. For complete strangers.

Paid Shipping on someones package.

Bought a strangers lunch.

Gave a 5 year old 3 dollars for a king size candy bar. "Don't talk to strangers" did not matter in that time frame lol.

Covered someone who didn't have enough money at the grocery store.

I know it may seem like really small things but these were for complete strangers and it really was a great feeling. In turn I fully feel as if God works in mysterious ways. I have had so many come arounds in this time that it really did make me feel good to do this.

For my family and friends I.

Gave away things that I could sell.

Bought my favorite God daughter and her Mommy dinner one night out of the blue.

These things just make me feel good and it all amounts down to doing it just because and expecting nothing less.

How is your kindness act turning out this year?

Thank you for reading.
God Bless and Be Kind To One Another

Thursday, January 24, 2013

January's Act of Kindness

Have you ever planned something and been so disappointed that your plans fall through and you just wish that they would turn out the way you've planned?

Ok so we all have... But.... Has this happened to you on your 21st birthday?
Most Likely NO, It didn't or wont.

I was keeping an eye on a friend of mines daughters Facebook page. You know, those Facebook friends you have that you don't exactly know? Well she was one of them.

I kept seeing her post about her 21st birthday and she was so excited she was going to get herself a party bus and invite all of her friends to help her celebrate. All was going great she had it all planned everyone was set to go until, her post the week before her bus.

"8 people have backed out of the party bus if I don't get at least 3 people for sure to come the dreams of a party bus will be gone forever" HAHA funny I know.. But, I thought to myself, "perfect time to send a stranger a birthday gift" so I sent her a message on Facebook of course and it started out as... This is insanely random and by the end you will think this girl is crazy.

I ended up getting her address and sending her a birthday card with some money in it towards her bus! =]
She had a fabulous time and earned her very first hangover! =]

Be Kind To One Another
Thanks for reading, and God bless!

My List for 2013

So as I said I want to do all these random acts! Here are just a few that I have thought of! As I cross them off my list I am planning on writing about it! They may be short, they may be long but most importantly they are all going to be random and not planned at all.

1. Buy someones groceries.

2. Send someone in need some flowers.

3. Get a stranger a birthday gift.

4. Write a letter to Ellen about Ellen!

5. Get my mom a "Pamper Mom" day... Not just for Mothers day or Birthday!

6. Buy someones Gas.

7. Donate my time at a charity event/drive.

8. Give a child with cancer a present.

9. Help at an animal shelter.

10. Pay someones phone bill. (Not My Own)

These are just some general ideas to bring kindness into the world. It hopefully will mean something to someone! They say what goes around comes around. Not necessarily for my own sake but I hope what I send around will be coming around to someone else in need!

Spread a little love today!
Be Kind To One Another!
Thanks for reading and God Bless!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A better me in 20 13

     Well as you notice the title looks like "it's wrong" really it's not! 
Twenty Thirteen is spaced so it is said as Twenty-Thirteen. I know I can be and I am a bit of a dork! =] But it gives me qualities and character that most people wouldn't bring up about themselves. But heck, I seriously don't mind a bit!

Okay So in 20 13 I am setting a few "Things-To-Do" for myself! These are NOT resolutions! Nor are they goals! They are.. TO-DO's and they are a must for me!

You know the commercial "Doing the right thing" it's an insurance commercial for Liberty Mutual. It starts out with one person doing a kind random act while another is watching. That person then goes on to do a random act of kindness and so and on so on. The end of the commercial it starts back at the beginning where it all started. 

Imagine if we, as humans, did this same sort of thing. Not something to strive for in any of our busy schedules but think about it. One small act of random kindness can turn into a chain of random acts of kindness.

We have all read the Wal-Mart stories where the single father doesn't have enough money to buy the groceries as the little children are in the cart waiting and the person behind pays for what they don't have. What we see with our eyes is a kind an selfless act. Lets face it this world is evil and full of hate! Lets bring the love back. What we don't see is that strong father breaking down in his beat up clunker car with his baby in the car seat as he sheds a tear down his face. He just had a 'love beat' in his heart.

I say two things at the end of a blog.. Thank you and God Bless, and I mean each of those things. But what I haven't said that I often say in person is the famous Ellen Degeneres quote, "Be kind to one another" and I'm from now on going to say that as well in my little writings that I enjoy doing! Putting my thoughts and feelings into words and paragraphs. 

So... for my "Better Me in 20 13" I am putting together a list of things that I want to do. Randomly! Not planned, not done on a specific date but just, to do! For others! I'm prepping myself for no thank you's and for some possible rude lash outs, but most of all, I am hoping for nothing in return! Just maybe a simple smile, and to just make someones day! I want to start that chain of random acts! I want to put a little bit more love into the world. Now I'm not saying I want to completely and totally change the nation. Because one voice can't do that, even though our parents have always told us... 'You can change the world" well I don't believe thats true, but what I do believe is we can make it a better place. 

What do you plan to do with 20 13 or 2k13? 

As always, thank you for reading and God bless!
Be Kind to One Another! 

Out of Blog-Coma! 2013

Well I have not blogged in quite some time! A year at least it looks like. So instead of pasting each lame blog to Facebook or Twitter, which by the way the Tweet world is something I'm not exactly "up to par" with! I am just going to write whenever and about whatever I feel like then down the road... If someone reads what they like great! If not, it's just my little journal! Because You know, the internet, when something is put on it.. It's there, longer than forever! =]

So basic update! I should have kept bogging... But clearly, did not! I have traveled, loved, cried, worked, partied and basically grew up in the last year! "I'm just an older version of my younger self"Basically an old soul!

I have a big girl job now! Wooh Hooh! Hey it's exciting when my generation is the laziest generation in history! That is excited that a 23 year old was very excited to be working full time for a great business.

I am the Office Administrator for a company called MarkNet Alliance, fancy huh? No, the name is! It's basic secretarial stuff! But, it's fun! I also get to plan trips and go on them as well. My work family is fantastic! Honestly, I'm not saying that in hopes of them reading this someday, they really are just great! Very laid back and trust me I don't take that for granted! It's much nicer walking in feeling relaxed than having to be very uptight the entire time.

The auction world is growing friends. Thats why I feel content where I am today! =]

This one was just a short update of whats going on with me! I will get more detailed in blogs to come! Hope my 3 Readers enjoy! Hehe! Maybe by the end of this years project I will have more! =] But if not a journal is still fine to have!

Be Kind To One Another Everyone!