A Little About Me

I'm Kala.. Yes there's no Y in my name. Mom says it's because she didn't want me to have a hard time writing it in kindergarten.. Silly I know but that's Mom. I grew up in the small town of Nokomis as the youngest of 3 other siblings Shane, Michael and Mindy. The song American Honey relates most to my life... "She grew up on the side of the road, where the church bells ring and strong love grows, she grew up good, she grew up slow, like American Honey" I am going to be sharing my stories of the past present and what I hope to accomplish in my future. I am a very genuine girl and pray and hope my life in the future brings me happiness and joy and still be the genuine person I am... Life Is Short Lets Make The Best Of It!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The First Of Many!!

This is going to be a very general blog about me.. I know I just updated my about me section but this will go in more detail.. I first want to apologize for grammatical errors! I am far far from literature perfect but love to express my feelings and lets face it.. Who writes in a diary in the 21st century.. Some are out there yes but I am NoT one of them! I recently viewed a blog site.. Mrs. Andrea Ooten.. Great Great writer! Check her blog out! Life with the Ootens! She introduced me to blogging. Thank you Andrea! Okay okay some of this may be totally useless to you but this is my diary for all to read so I'm going basic to detailed! I am sure I will go back on this and say "Wow Kala you really did type that" with a laugh after it! So my favorite colors are Green and Pink.. Notice the site! :) I am passionate about music.. I would love to be a well-known singer someday. I doubt it will ever happen but, who knows. I will try not to get political in my blogs but I am more conservative than a liberal and that's all I am saying. My favorite childhood movie was Pretty Woman. My mom made me quit watching it when I started to ask questions! I also loved Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid and can't forget Fox and the Hound! I am a very genuine person. I tell things how I see them and I am always nice about doing it. My family and friends are my everything and I would help them in any way I could.. I am 21 years old but I feel more mature than that.. Growing up with siblings who are 15 years, 13 years, and 9 years older than you, you tend to pick up a few more things than kids the same age as you! Which isn't always a bad thing yet, not always a good thing either. Haha! I have a father who's name is Robert but everyone calls him Beau, Bob or Rex.. Don't ask me why it's just Dad to me. I have a mom named Connie who is literally my rock! I have a brother Shane, he has taught me a few things to do in life and a few things not to do! haha Michael, who is one of the smartest guys I know and if I ever had a question of any kind hes there to ask honestly and openly. My sister Mindy, I know everyone says they have the best sister in the world.. Well to me my sister is that! She has always been there for me and was never scared to put me in my place! I love her for that! My Mom and Dad will have there own blog down the road along with my siblings but just a brief overview of my immediate family! Then it comes down to Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins... Way to many of them to have there own blog.. Sorry guys! Love you but I'd really bore people.. Most likely how I am doing right now haha... I grew up in a HUGE HUGE family.. I have 10 sets of aunts and uncles that have ALL had kids and 50% of there kids have had kids! So enough about my family... For now anyways! So to wrap this up.. I am Kala, A Massage Therapist, Asst Nail Tech and A Subway Gal! I always got a smile on my face and a laugh that wont quit! I hope you enjoy ALL of my many stories I would like to share with you! That's All For Tonight That Pillow Is Calling My Name!! =)