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I'm Kala.. Yes there's no Y in my name. Mom says it's because she didn't want me to have a hard time writing it in kindergarten.. Silly I know but that's Mom. I grew up in the small town of Nokomis as the youngest of 3 other siblings Shane, Michael and Mindy. The song American Honey relates most to my life... "She grew up on the side of the road, where the church bells ring and strong love grows, she grew up good, she grew up slow, like American Honey" I am going to be sharing my stories of the past present and what I hope to accomplish in my future. I am a very genuine girl and pray and hope my life in the future brings me happiness and joy and still be the genuine person I am... Life Is Short Lets Make The Best Of It!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Baseball Season

Spring has sprung!
Snow is gone!

It was opening weekend here in Cardinal Nation! But boy was it cold! But an evening with my Fella and My 'other' brother and sister were not gonna stop me from missing some 'cold beer, peanuts here'

Looking forward to my weekend off and extra Friday I couldn't have been more excited to put on my pink jersey try oysters drink some beer and spend the evening with a few of my favorite ppl. Starting the day off, a little later than usual due to an hour of much needed sleeping in, we all like that. To getting ready and heading to the city at 11am.

First stop, shopping!! I'm not much of a country gal but the great outdoors shopping center 'Cabelas' was kind to me and had the cutest green sweatshirt just calling my name, while Shane was gathering his hunting mind and focusing on the Turkey vests! LOL... It was a win win!

Off to the hotel we go! Some cold Platinums as we would rather have not spent 10$ for a bottle of beer the entire evening and decided to hang with the other couple for some R&R before the big night! Hair, check! Makeup, check! And outfit, check!

Oysters!? Yuck?! Ooh wait....
The Broadway Oyster Bar, a small shack with the small stench of sewer surprisingly was a great place to try Oysters for the first time! Put a little cocktail sauce on them puppies and they go down like a glob of snot! Okay, not really! But they do have an 'odd' texture! Beers Down off to watch some baseball!!

Settling into our seats and the wind isn't too awful a blanket and some peanuts will make you forget it was 38° as the Cardinals were honoring Stan 'The Man' Musial by handing out car decals and Stan's classical Harmonica! During the 6th inning we were all invited to play 'Take me out to the Ball Game' in honor of Stan! It really makes you see how one person can put such an impact on so many!!

They say your always famous when your gone, but the Cardinal stadium made you feel as if he was still there! With a Yadi home run making the score 2-0 we were happy at the end of the night to know Cardinal Nation had yet another win!

It's Baseball season! When are you up to bat?

Thanks for reading,
God Bless
Be Kind To One Another

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Take a Moment!

When you were in Elementary school did you have the lesson on thunder cake and learned about the miles away a storm was from you by the lightening and thunder.

You know sometimes we all need to relive our childhood. Wether it's dressing up with kids on Halloween, actually getting excited when a Disney movie is coming on or going to the theatre. It's time for all of us to once in a while get away from reality and 'think like a kid.'

You can't deny that you never went to your mom/dad aunt/uncle gma/gpa to have her kiss your boo boo or hold you during a lightening storm.

We often are too wrapped up in our high speed society that we forget what it's like to be excited over the smallest possible things..

I got the inspiration of this blog as I'm sitting away from the window but in the middle of the room watching a good ole fashioned lightening storm as the thunder starts to come in all I could think of was making Thunder Cake in my 2nd grade class and thinking... I have no phone, no TV, no tweets or pics to post, I simply am sitting here enjoying the little things!

So I ask you take 5 minutes to yourself to relive a favorite memory or childhood moment in your head don't pick up your phone don't worry about replying to your last tweet or liking the last comment someone posted or text the person back about what your doing & just relax! Relive! and lastly Enjoy!!

Back to the storm I go!

God Bless
Be Kind To One Another!

Sometimes we need a "Pick-ME-Up"

You know those times when you work so hard for something and it falls through and you just want to crawl in a whole because you think you have failed?

Well sure we have all been there. So what makes us feel better when Chocolate, and Ice Cream just makes us fatter?


My Sister is someone who would literally take a bullet for me, or she would put a bullet in someone for me! She's a natural Bourn Bad-Ass ;)

As we were growing up sure we fought a lot and basically hated each other in the same house. As we got older we became close as sisters should be. She is the most protective of me out of my entire family. She has a great judge of character from Friends to Boyfriends, that girl had it down.

In our past we have had some pretty major fights just because were so alike yet so different, the kind of fights where you leave crying from screaming and not talking for days. Yup, thats us!

But seeing my Sister be the person she is I really couldn't take seeing her down. So for my kindness list scratch off. Sending someone in need flowers.

She just works so hard and was really striving for something she felt that she was born to do it. Well, she got turned down! :( It's disappointing and sad but as the pretty cool little sister I am. Sure enough, I sent her the brightest most happy mason jar filled bouquet of flowers.

As she called and told me thank you I could hear the cracking in her voice. Of course she tried to be strong and hide it because she is so tough, but that was her moment to be weak.

This was an amazing feeling to me that she really enjoyed being recognized for her work and for me to be an appreciative sister as I really would do anything for her! =]

Don't forget rain or shine, boy or girl, day or night, we all need a pick-me-up sometimes!

Thanks for reading!
As always God Bless and Be Kind To One Another!

Your Birthday is your own Holiday!

I must say I don't know what Happened before social media but, I have never had about 200 Birthday wishes! Crazy! Awesome but holy cow!!!

I will leave the mystery of my age up to you all! All of my 3 readers HA! Those on Facebook who know me I'm sure are thinking "Why is your age a mystery"... but anyways...

Birthday's... You either LOVE them or you HATE them.. Now with mine I like to think of it as my own holiday. You don't share it with a whole lot of people but those one's you do its just an extra added bond!

For my 24th birthday this year we went to my all time favorite restaurant!
Japanese Hibachi Grill OSAKA'S!

The whole atmosphere is just fun and amazing.

All 14 of my friends and some family were able to join me for a night out of fun!

Since I was a little girl I loved that I shared my birthday with Emma Bunton or as we know her by "Baby Spice" funny as I type this "Wanna Be" by The Spice Girls is on my Pandora. *Backstreet Boys station* :)

Ever since then I just live each moment up on my birthday to celebrate that yet again I am here yet another year! That's a blessing in its self.

So not only did we all enjoy a night out for dinner and friends the fella spoils me ALL the time!

Shane got me a beautiful flower bouquet and a pair of diamond ear rings (Which I have wanted for YEARS) that I wear everyday! =]

What is your favorite birthday celebration/tradition to do?

Thanks for reading!
God Bless and Be Kind To One Another

Playing KKatch-up on KKindnes

So... In the month of February and March for the acts of kindness.. I did a numerous amounts of them.. For complete strangers.

Paid Shipping on someones package.

Bought a strangers lunch.

Gave a 5 year old 3 dollars for a king size candy bar. "Don't talk to strangers" did not matter in that time frame lol.

Covered someone who didn't have enough money at the grocery store.

I know it may seem like really small things but these were for complete strangers and it really was a great feeling. In turn I fully feel as if God works in mysterious ways. I have had so many come arounds in this time that it really did make me feel good to do this.

For my family and friends I.

Gave away things that I could sell.

Bought my favorite God daughter and her Mommy dinner one night out of the blue.

These things just make me feel good and it all amounts down to doing it just because and expecting nothing less.

How is your kindness act turning out this year?

Thank you for reading.
God Bless and Be Kind To One Another