A Little About Me

I'm Kala.. Yes there's no Y in my name. Mom says it's because she didn't want me to have a hard time writing it in kindergarten.. Silly I know but that's Mom. I grew up in the small town of Nokomis as the youngest of 3 other siblings Shane, Michael and Mindy. The song American Honey relates most to my life... "She grew up on the side of the road, where the church bells ring and strong love grows, she grew up good, she grew up slow, like American Honey" I am going to be sharing my stories of the past present and what I hope to accomplish in my future. I am a very genuine girl and pray and hope my life in the future brings me happiness and joy and still be the genuine person I am... Life Is Short Lets Make The Best Of It!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

List to Live By

A List To Live By... It's A Happier Way Of Life
Turn To God Day Or Night
Family Is Family Keep Them Close To Your Heart
Be Genuine NOT Fake
Take A Chance Now Take Another One
Bubble Baths Are Better With Candles
Don't Drive Drunk We All Know It Now Lets AlWaYs Do It
Smile At Grouchy People
Brush Your Teeth Because Everyone Likes Pearly Whites
Eliminate Negativity Just Get Rid Of It
Laugh At ALL The Drama
Husbands If Your Wife Had A Bad Day LiStEn
Wives If Your Husband Had A Bad Day Get Him A Cold One
Kids 99% Of The Time Your Parents Are Right Just Listen Then Decide What You Do
Communication Is Key To Solve Problems Talk It Out
When A Child Asks The Question "Why?" A Hundred Times Answer It A Hundred Times We Did It Too
If Someone Compliments You No Matter How Bad Your Day Is Smile And Say Thank You
Know That Honking At Older Drivers Wont Make Them Go Faster But Only Wave
Laugh At Your Own Silliness No Matter How Big Of A Blonde Moment It Was
Find Your True Friends And Never Lose Touch No Matter The Distance
When You Get Mad Count To 10 Before You Talk
Accept the things you cannot change
Dont complain it does no good, accept the situation and get over it
When you realize you did something wrong fix it for next time
Regrets and Mistakes are memories made
If fear hasn't killed us yet nothing will
Reach out to the unfortunate
Find your positivity
Accept the way of the world is nothing we can change
Cell Phones will always from now on be needed
Make fun of yourself when you do something dumb, It makes things easier
Relationships are the best friendships
Heart breaks are needed to make us stronger
Obsticals are thrown at us to see how we handle situations
More to come... =]

A do-gooder

I know do-gooder is she serious.. Yes... You hear of all these people wanting money and wanting you to donate this much this month and this much next month.. What if you could do one single thing and help your entire community! And you can have fun doing it.. We hear the word cancer too often and we say good bye to more and more of our friends and loved ones because of this awful and frightening word. So many people that are close to us and which ever cancer it is.. Most of the time we end in saying goodbye in a blessing that they are no longer suffering with the pain they had for such a long time. In better circumstances we get to thank god and everyone for the prayers they said to help someone overcome this. In life we worry about the little things and it takes a tragedy for us to realize the importants of life... How long it may be but how short it really is.. A small fundraiser was taken place in our little town of Nokomis. It was a day full of Bowlers that bowled for the cancer society of our county. Bowling from 10 in the morning to 1 am the following day raising money for the fellow members of friends and family members who have had cancer have it or are recovering from it. Weather you fight like a girl and survive breast cancer or the many color ribbons you wear, wear them proudly. Make a small donation to your local cancer society. You don't have to do this monthly but someday one of your loved ones may need this favor and you can ask your self.. What have I don't to help people in need? Be a do-gooder. Help out the people that are close to you! Or even donate your time. Organize your own fundraiser. In the end you may help yourself! Feeling good about doing things is a reflection in the mirror and you can look at yourself and smile saying "I care, and I will help"
To all of you that have or may know someone who has cancer or has lost there battle of cancer or those of you that are recovering or know someone recovering! Thank you for being strong! For helping those around you and for praying for the many people that are in this predicament of race against time.. Appreciate each day as if it was your last! When we live, we are learning and we will survive together!!!!
As Always Thanks for reading
God Bless!!!

A spontaneous decision

Do you ever wake up one day and say.. I think I'm going to do this today?
Sure you have we all have weather it's a small daily decision to go get breakfast for your family. Or its a major decision of buying something big. In February I decided "ehh I'm going to go back to school" I had thought about it but I just called and signed up for a 6th month nail program. I started March 2nd and obviously have been busy since. Part of the reason I am not blogging as much as I could. But its a good experience that I am enjoying and that I am looking forward to doing. I can move anywhere and right now there is no tie downs so why not go off and move to a city work and see life. There is so many opportunities out there why not make a few spontaneous choices. Wake up and make a choice that you haven't thought about.. Just go for it. Go buy a car, run 3 miles, get a dog, paint a room in your house. Everyone loves change and excitement! Why not just do it! Nike had to get there slogan somehow... They just went with it! Think of all the people in the past that said "ehh Why not" you never know where these spontaneous decisions can take you. It can be fun, scary, and crazy all at the same time! Just go with the flow and hold tight for the ride! It all is good in the end right! So my question for you is...
What is your spark for the day!? Is it going to be something random and fun or the same old boring day! Like I say Life is short make it a good one.... Put some crazy in it!!! :)
Thanks for reading and as always God Bless

Music is my Positivity

Everyone finds there 'knack' everyone finds there 'gift' and everyone finds there 'positivity'. We all go through stages of our life some bad most good. When you go through your bad and sad stages. What gives you your pick up? Some people esp girls it's shopping or being pampered guys it could be anything from fixing something to having beer with friends. Mine is music. You all know by my facebook I have a passionate love for John Mayer.. His voice his sound what he says and believes.. Defines my life. I sing all the time and I didn't think I was good until I met his music. I knew it was a passion of mine. When I am down and sad even just for a second I can sing one of his songs and know that in 3 minutes I feel much better.. So to all of you! Find what makes you happy! Do NOT focus on bad things or things that may not be going right. Focus on finding that ONE thing that can make you feel better about EVERYTHING and make life more positive. More people will want to be around you and look up to the attitude that you have. Remember we can complain but what good does it do? None! Good luck to all of you it's a task that cant be completed over night... Its something that will make you wish your enemy's well and also make you go out of your way to smile when it's raining! But being positive is an outlook on your life and its short so make it a good one!
Thanks for reading and god bless!

Double Deuce's

Any girl likes to feel loved by her friends....
Loved surprised and beautiful!
This is how I felt on my 22nd Birthday celebration..
It started with a phone call saying I'm not telling you what I'm getting you for your birthday you just have to dress up. So I go and buy a dress and think nothing of it.. The anticipation of the day who knows what is going to happen.. With my friends I thought oh we will go out on the town all dressed up they will have a dj for me and make me drink a ton of shots... The day arrived the first surprise was my Happy Birthday glass.. Then I was told DO NOT BE LATE... I had to meet my girls at exactly 4:15... So i am there and ready for this big surprise when really I had no idea what was going on.. I was just ready to get my party on! haha Well Next thing I see was A HUGE BUS pull up... NO WAY.. A party bus for my birthday WTH my friends dont have any money are they crazy! Haha... But they insisted... Oh we went to Springfield and ate at Osakas MY FAVORITE RESTAURANT and then came back to a DJ and tons of family and friends there to celebrate the big day... Now yes this may all be boring to you but how awesome to think that i have friends like this that would go above and beyond to give me so much when they dont have it... Something like that is forever thankful and never will be forgotten. The love of my friens means more to me than anything. They are always there when I'm down or when I need a break from reality there one ready to have a good time and two always ready to set things straight. Ode to my friens... I promise to always be honest and straight forward not only that but to never sugar coat things. To always promise to make you have a better day and laugh by doing something stupid just to make you better! Thank you soo very much for making my day special! I cant thank you enough and It is never gone un noticed! LOVE YOU ALL! So to all you readers no matter how many of you there are.. Thank your friends hold them close.. They will always be there when you may feel down and alone. They are the ones to always help get you thru to help you in rough times of any sort. Do things for them without expecting anything in return and always remember they too have birthdays once a year. It never hurts to make a few special ones. They I promise you will remember it for life! =]
Thanks for reading and God Bless!

Christmas and all the Family

I know I'm posting this in April but i simply have not had time to sit and write about well important or not so important things..
Christmas is a time where all of the families get together and do there normal traditions. The Carroll-Harston Christmas was a little different this year as we were settled in our new home and decorations were different from years prior. The most thing that we looked forward to was Sophie getting to spend Christmas with us crazy people with the loud voices and goofy laughs.. Oh how kids make Christmas magical! Santa stories and cookies by the fireplace! Its a time where we all need to reflect on our life.. Look at the things we have and appreciate them not look at what we have and say it's still not good enough. It's a time where we sing the same songs as we had from the year before. The Lyrics don't change but how it does give us that good feeling. All the families who could not be with there loved ones this year may next year be better and you may have your family weather they are here or gone take a moment to thank god for the memories with all your loved ones around the holiday season! :)
Thanks for reading and God Bless!