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I'm Kala.. Yes there's no Y in my name. Mom says it's because she didn't want me to have a hard time writing it in kindergarten.. Silly I know but that's Mom. I grew up in the small town of Nokomis as the youngest of 3 other siblings Shane, Michael and Mindy. The song American Honey relates most to my life... "She grew up on the side of the road, where the church bells ring and strong love grows, she grew up good, she grew up slow, like American Honey" I am going to be sharing my stories of the past present and what I hope to accomplish in my future. I am a very genuine girl and pray and hope my life in the future brings me happiness and joy and still be the genuine person I am... Life Is Short Lets Make The Best Of It!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

List to Live By

A List To Live By... It's A Happier Way Of Life
Turn To God Day Or Night
Family Is Family Keep Them Close To Your Heart
Be Genuine NOT Fake
Take A Chance Now Take Another One
Bubble Baths Are Better With Candles
Don't Drive Drunk We All Know It Now Lets AlWaYs Do It
Smile At Grouchy People
Brush Your Teeth Because Everyone Likes Pearly Whites
Eliminate Negativity Just Get Rid Of It
Laugh At ALL The Drama
Husbands If Your Wife Had A Bad Day LiStEn
Wives If Your Husband Had A Bad Day Get Him A Cold One
Kids 99% Of The Time Your Parents Are Right Just Listen Then Decide What You Do
Communication Is Key To Solve Problems Talk It Out
When A Child Asks The Question "Why?" A Hundred Times Answer It A Hundred Times We Did It Too
If Someone Compliments You No Matter How Bad Your Day Is Smile And Say Thank You
Know That Honking At Older Drivers Wont Make Them Go Faster But Only Wave
Laugh At Your Own Silliness No Matter How Big Of A Blonde Moment It Was
Find Your True Friends And Never Lose Touch No Matter The Distance
When You Get Mad Count To 10 Before You Talk
Accept the things you cannot change
Dont complain it does no good, accept the situation and get over it
When you realize you did something wrong fix it for next time
Regrets and Mistakes are memories made
If fear hasn't killed us yet nothing will
Reach out to the unfortunate
Find your positivity
Accept the way of the world is nothing we can change
Cell Phones will always from now on be needed
Make fun of yourself when you do something dumb, It makes things easier
Relationships are the best friendships
Heart breaks are needed to make us stronger
Obsticals are thrown at us to see how we handle situations
More to come... =]

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