A Little About Me

I'm Kala.. Yes there's no Y in my name. Mom says it's because she didn't want me to have a hard time writing it in kindergarten.. Silly I know but that's Mom. I grew up in the small town of Nokomis as the youngest of 3 other siblings Shane, Michael and Mindy. The song American Honey relates most to my life... "She grew up on the side of the road, where the church bells ring and strong love grows, she grew up good, she grew up slow, like American Honey" I am going to be sharing my stories of the past present and what I hope to accomplish in my future. I am a very genuine girl and pray and hope my life in the future brings me happiness and joy and still be the genuine person I am... Life Is Short Lets Make The Best Of It!!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Does your Mirror show a reflection with nothing but perfection?

I often look in Mirrors
I take a glance at my Reflection
Knowing im not perfect
I still believe no one is perfection.

Think about that short little rhyming phrase. Looking in the mirror not only shows what your makeup looks like, or what sort of shape of face you have, but it shows you who you are.
Inside YOU are the only person who truly knows who YOU are!
I see so many people who brag about this or that... Does that make you better than me?
In Gods eyes, were all equal! Isn't that how we are supposed to be.
I hear almost day in and day out why so and so's car is better than others. How this person is better than that person. Sure there are some good and bad in both of those instances. Im not saying that a 1994 Sunfire isn't better than a 2013 Camero. Sure, we know what one is "better" but does that make a person who they ARE? Does that mirror shine in gold and show perfect hair and teeth? No one is perfection!

In my eyes. We Eat, Sleep and Potty the same way, some more than others sure (HA!) but it's still a fact.

Take a moment to look in YOUR Mirror!
Know that you are not perfect!

Judgement is not something you can control but it is something you can eliminate in your future discoveries. Pass this along in ways of acting upon it.

I will love someone who has 1 dollar just as much as I will love someone who has 1 Million dollars if they are kind and respectful to me and what matters in my life.

God Bless

The 2013 RAK Check-In's

1. Buy someones groceries.--- Check
2. Send someone in need some flowers.--- Check
3. Get a stranger a birthday gift. --- Check
4. Write a letter to Ellen about Ellen!
5. Get my mom a "Pamper Mom" day... Not just for Mothers day or Birthday! --- Check
6. Buy someones Gas. --- Check
7. Donate my time at a charity event/drive. --- Check
8. Give a child with cancer a present. --- Check
9. Help at an animal shelter.
10. Pay someones phone bill. (Not My Own)

Remember this list I posted in January of 2013? 'Member you Member!' 

I have done all but 3... 
Now I did buy someone a phone and phone case.
I did save 2 dogs that ran away from home. I am attending a 5k walk with your pooches next Saturday.
And I still have no idea what I can tell Ellen what she doesn't already know!
Kind-Hearted, Giving, Funny, Caring so on and on and on! 

But in turn.. 
I was able to get myself a NEW 2013 Hyundai without a Co-Signer!! =] 
Pay off a few small charge card loans!
I am happily blessed with everything in my life. I am Happy, Healthy and enjoying every minute of my being! 

I strive each day to be positive and turn someones frown upside down. Or heck, just make someone smile again during the day. Laugh a little louder and Shine a little brighter! 

I just wanted to give a update on my 2013 RAK's 
3 to go! Wish me luck! 

God Bless,

I'm Here For You

Being that person to go-to. Being that person who "i'll take care of it". Being that person who is "Always there"
Sometimes we take these things for granted. Yes once again I am playing catch up on life on this journal of a blog. Since "Its baseball season" I have continued with my random acts of kindness RAK's and have to say I feel/hope that my Life is going to the most positive direction it can.
I do good for others because it makes me feel good, yet makes someone smile.
I am that person who tries to carry a friends weight when that said person cries on my shoulder. Through the ups and downs of life we have these people that we go to.
What happens when we loose them?
Not in a matter of death and a grave. This is more of a living death.
That one single person who wasn't a girls Mom or a girls Boyfriend. This is someone who is close. You can share your most darkest secrets with. I tell you when you have one person you can call at any hour of the day with any problem in the world and they make you feel better with one single sentence, "I'm here for you" thats love in any way you want to look at it.
What happens when that sentence disappears?
What happens when that shoulder isn't a tear holder?
What happens when that Go-To is now Gone?
This is all summed up in one word, disappointing! Its hard to say yet easy to prove that life often changes, therefore making people change as well. This is not something that is a mystery. This is not something that is new to everyone. We simply know that life is a swinging door and you never know what is going to come through it or walk out it.
(I often imagine myself in a log cabin on a beach writing in an old book with faded pages in hopes that someday my stories are for everyone to see, like in a movie! This is my random thought to myself while typing this.)
I think of the person that went out my swinging door. I hope that one day it will be a revolving door and that person comes right back around. But life and fate has different plans than what our head is thinking and no matter what pain our hearts have.
I think of my story and of a old man, late 80's who had to say good bye to his wife of 65 years, his Go-To his Shoulder, His "I'm here for you" and how empty he is in life until the day when his wife greets him to say "I'm here for you".....

My friends, find your shoulder let them go and find your forever shoulder! =]

Love to you all!