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I'm Kala.. Yes there's no Y in my name. Mom says it's because she didn't want me to have a hard time writing it in kindergarten.. Silly I know but that's Mom. I grew up in the small town of Nokomis as the youngest of 3 other siblings Shane, Michael and Mindy. The song American Honey relates most to my life... "She grew up on the side of the road, where the church bells ring and strong love grows, she grew up good, she grew up slow, like American Honey" I am going to be sharing my stories of the past present and what I hope to accomplish in my future. I am a very genuine girl and pray and hope my life in the future brings me happiness and joy and still be the genuine person I am... Life Is Short Lets Make The Best Of It!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A spontaneous decision

Do you ever wake up one day and say.. I think I'm going to do this today?
Sure you have we all have weather it's a small daily decision to go get breakfast for your family. Or its a major decision of buying something big. In February I decided "ehh I'm going to go back to school" I had thought about it but I just called and signed up for a 6th month nail program. I started March 2nd and obviously have been busy since. Part of the reason I am not blogging as much as I could. But its a good experience that I am enjoying and that I am looking forward to doing. I can move anywhere and right now there is no tie downs so why not go off and move to a city work and see life. There is so many opportunities out there why not make a few spontaneous choices. Wake up and make a choice that you haven't thought about.. Just go for it. Go buy a car, run 3 miles, get a dog, paint a room in your house. Everyone loves change and excitement! Why not just do it! Nike had to get there slogan somehow... They just went with it! Think of all the people in the past that said "ehh Why not" you never know where these spontaneous decisions can take you. It can be fun, scary, and crazy all at the same time! Just go with the flow and hold tight for the ride! It all is good in the end right! So my question for you is...
What is your spark for the day!? Is it going to be something random and fun or the same old boring day! Like I say Life is short make it a good one.... Put some crazy in it!!! :)
Thanks for reading and as always God Bless

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